Cheetos Brings Back That ’70s Show’s Favorites in New Superbowl Commercial

Cheetos featured the Hollywood power couple of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher to showcase their new chip line ‘Pop Mix’. For those who are avid fans of nostalgia television shows, Kunis and Kutcher both starred in the hit television program, That ’70s Show (Fox 1998- 2006)

Fans of That ’70s Show, or quite frankly anything these stars have been in, who heard through social media that this couple was going to be making a SuperBowl appearance, were looking forward to see how well this commercial would turn out. Cheetos took this opportunity to reach out to their Millennial customers by giving them a blast from the past by featuring this fan favorite power- couple. Kunis and Kutcher showed not only that they are a great couple on and off-screen, but also that they are still a comedic force to be reckoned with.

To add another point of nostalgia, Cheetos brings in reggae artist Shaggy and features his 2000 hit song “It Wasn’t Me”.

Over and over again, Kunis steals her husband’s Cheetos and Shaggy, who is following them throughout their home, has given her the advice to say it ‘wasn’t her’… get it? This leads to Ashton Kutcher attempting to sing the classic song by Shaggy, while following the trail of her Cheeto-dust covered fingerprints.

Using a song about someone getting caught cheating by their significant other was a very intentional choice. Kunis and Kutcher have been the subjects of many tabloid rumors throughout the years claiming that they were unfaithful to each other and that their marriage was on the rocks. Each time one of these rumors comes out, the couple finds a way to hilariously shut them down on social media. Getting Kutcher to talk-sing his way through “It wasn’t me” was a clever play on the ongoing battle between the happy couple and the tabloids.

Premiering during the third quarter of the SuperBowl, Cheetos had to live up to the standards set by Doritos, another chip brand belonging to the same parent company as Cheetos, who aired their own commercial much earlier in the game.

Doritos, however, chose a different strategy in appealing to their customers. They had the star power of Matthew McConaughey leading the way, but they also relied on the impressive visual effects of ‘Flat Matthew’ to create a memorable presentation. Since these two brands come from the same parent company, PepsiCo, using vastly different approaches to work in tandem in order to reach the greatest audience possible was a smart choice.

Cheetos put all of their eggs in one basket by targeting people who grew up watching Kutcher and Kunis on TV. This commercial was successful in the sense that it made people pay attention and talk about it in the days following the SuperBowl. Since Cheetos is such a big brand, it doesn’t really matter if people remember the specific line of chip they were promoting. The commercial served its purpose of putting Cheetos on people’s minds by placing nostalgia on display in all the right ways.